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Tri Club Tuesday - New Team in the 719!


Tri Club Tuesday: New Bike Team in the 719 - COS Racing
By Nicole Drummer

There is a new bike team coming to the 719! On Monday, December 1, 2014 COS Racing had its initial member meeting at Pikes Peak Acura.

Set up as a 501(c)3, the goal of this team is to get more people of all levels here in the Pikes Peak region racing bikes and giving back to the community. This is an all-category team - any ability is welcome to join...

Leadman's 1-2 Bob Africa and Dave Mackey on Life Lessons


From the Daily Camera

Bob Africa seemingly had it all: athletic, successful, wonderful family, president of a hip company headquartered on the Pearl Street Mall.

He had a custom home, a bunch of bicycles, a dozen pairs of running shoes, two European cars. All the accoutrements that go along with being a successful 30-something blessed with intelligence, a good education and a New England work ethic.

Africa seemingly had it all. Or did he?

Eat like you train to avoid holiday weight gain


By Will Murray of the Examiner:
“You have to try this double-fudge chocolate calamity rum cake with triple whip cream and solid sugar cherries on top. It’s to die for!” Well, maybe it is to die for, but you certainly don’t have to try it.
Read more for tips on how to plan for, and follow through on, your smartest holiday eating plan ever.

Tri Hearter: The Gift of Experience


Participation of para-athletes in triathlon is growing rapidly. We see these athletes, and often times their guides, in the races we participate in each week. They are an amazing source of motivation for the rest of us along the course.

It's an amazing accomplishment for athletes with any kind of impairment. But while it's a great journey for the athlete, it also a journey for the guide. While the obstacles the athletes need to overcome may be more obvious, a guide has obstacles as well.

Tri Hearter's Bill Plock had the oportunity to talk to both a para-athlete and a guide. Inspiring read.


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