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Daily Camera Highlights Kona Athletes from Boulder, Broomfield



Photo: Dana Willett, 303Triathlon

This week the Boulder Daily Camera featured local residents who qualified for and raced the Ironman World Championships in Kona, including pros Mirinda Carfrae, Ben Hoffman, Rachel Joyce, Tim O'Donnell, and Justin Daerr, and age groupers Ida Jonsen and Kenny Withrow. Ironman race director Dave Christen is also featured.

(Many, many other Boulder area athletes also raced Kona who were not mentioned in the article - check out this list of all the Colorado athletes along with home towns, as well as our full coverage of Colorado athletes in Kona.)

A 56-year-old Broomfield mother of three tackled her first 140.6-mile triathlon last weekend at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. . .

Tri Hearter: Seasonal Mindsets


By Bill Plock
Last week, Kona with all its color and jubilance fittingly capped the race season for most triathletes just as fall here in Colorado peaked with all its colors signifying the end of yet another growing season. I can’t imagine how different our mindsets for training and racing would be if there weren’t seasons. How would it change your focus if there were no real weather threats to deal with all year round?

DNF's & Rough Days for Pros in Kona


The media pool in Kona on Saturday was buzzing with the number of pros - mostly males - who struggled or withdrew from the race for various reasons. According to Ironman results, 16 of 53 men took a DNF, as well as four female pros. Here are a few of the back stories, including comments from Colorado residents Timothy O'Donnell ("Lots of small things going wrong led 2 whole thing going really wrong."), and Tyler Butterfield ("The pursuit of perfection had its cost. Last year was 2 steps 4ward, this year 1 step back!").

From Triathlete:

Every year, the Kona course offers varying degrees of choppy waters, blistering heat, heavy humidity and intense winds that cause even the most well-prepared and mentally strong athletes to crumble. There’s a reason the world championship is held here—it’s certainly not an easy place to compete...


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