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Tri Hearter: For the love of beer and donuts


By Bill Plock

Can we compare triathlons and training to love and food??

I say yes, but first ask yourself why you love someone-- maybe your spouse, or significant other, your children or parents. It’s hard to answer and it seems trite to make a list of things as to why you love them but you could probably come up with some reasons, but it won’t totally explain that attraction or feeling. And what does this have to do with triathlons? ...

Wendy McMillan: Post-pregnancy return to fitness & healthy trail fuel


Wendy McMillan calls herself "a dedicated endurance runner (who also does triathlons)." Her posts are beautifully written and inspiring, primarily on the subject of food as fuel (replete with amazing recipes), and always sprinkled with insights on balancing a healthy, active lifestyle with family and work. This week she inspires us in her blog Fit and Frugal, offering sage advice on adjusting to motherhood and post pregnancy fitness, and an amazing vegan hemp brownie recipe...


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