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Tri Hearter: No Such Thing as Failure


By Bill Plock

There is no such thing as failure, really in anything. Life, in my opinion, is about trying and I have recently really come to embrace that mindset more than ever. Have I made poor decisions? Sure. Could I have prepared more or prioritized things differently? Sure. But I only fail when I don’t try. No revelation here to most—nothing you haven't heard probably. But my revelation to share is to be ok with not looking at so many things as a pass/fail, but rather as success or more success. . .

Weekend Preview for July 26/27


Quiet weekend for Colorado Triathlons.

Saturday July 26th:

The XTERRA Aspen Valley is Colorado's newest off-road triathlon! The ride is a two-lap course (12 miles) that takes riders on flowing single-track and over wood features never before seen in an XTERRA event. The 5k run course takesg triathletes on a 3/4 mile long winding wood bridge over a pond.

Ice Baths: Take the Plunge


Does the mere thought of intentionally sitting in a bath tub filled with ice and cold water make you cringe and hurt? Some athletes swear by it, others say "no way."

While research exists to support both the pros and cons of using ice baths for recovery, the practice of "chilling out" after an intense workout is common practice and is used by many professional sport organizations and amateur athletes around the world.


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